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Sideburn Restoration Surgery for Men in Istanbul

There are many causes of facial hair loss including genetics, laser hair removal, burns, injury, or surgery. Sideburn transplant surgery procedure goals can range from a full restoration to minor filling in of a limited area.

Sideburn transplant surgery is a procedure which restores hair to the sideburn area. The surgeons at HTI are here to help with your facial hair loss concerns. Sideburn Restoration Surgery is a minimally invasive solution.

Candidates of Male Facial Hair Transplant

Facial hair transplants can also be used to conceal scars. A sideburn transplant surgery is similar in method to a hair transplant surgery. The transplanted hair grows and can be shaved just as you would other facial hair.

  • alopecia barbae (hair loss in the beard)
  • desire to improve and evolve their sideburn appearance
  • patchy, thin, or spotty sideburns because of alopecia
  • facial scarring: burn, injuries.
  • scars from a facelift surgery which women are more likely to experience
  • acne scars in the sideburn area

FUE Sideburn Transplant Procedure

FUE Sideburn Transplant surgery in Istanbul is achieved with the FUE hair transplant method, ensuring you have the best looking, sharpest new sideburns at low hair transplant costs. The process is relatively simple — as surgery restores hair on the sides of your face in front of your ears, allowing you to acquire a natural-looking set of sideburns.

With the FUE technique, the surgeon extracts grafts from the side or back of the scalp. It is essential to ensure that your scalp’s hair’s thickness, tissue, and color match your sideburn to give the patient a natural-looking sideburn restoration.

True planning of the patient’s sideburns by paying attention to the direction and angle of hair and hair growth pattern of the hair grafts provides a successful sideburn restoration.

Sideburn Transplant Istanbul for men will help to fill out sideburns if you have thinning hair in this area or want to keep up with the trend of full, well-rounded facial hair that many men wish to achieve.  Women may require a sideburn hair transplant when they have had other cosmetic surgery procedures and the overall structure of their face has changed along with their hairline. A facelift, for instance, is often the cause of the hairline drawing back, which in turn discourages them from putting their hair back, experimenting with new styles and showing off what they have paid for.

Benefits of Sideburn Restoration

The reasons for getting a sideburn hair transplant are vast and varied. Below is a list of reasons for getting a sideburn hair transplant:

  • Scarring within the sideburn area of the face: Many individuals have scars in this area, from acne scars to other forms of trauma. Whether it is a surgical or accidental form of scarring, sideburn transplants can mask your imperfection.
  • Thinning sideburn hair: Whether it is due to aging, damage, or facial hair inconsistency, a sideburn hair transplant can restore your sideburns to full potential.
  • Removal of sideburns: If you have received another form of cosmetic or medical surgery, you may have already had your sideburns removed. With a sideburn hair transplant, we can right this wrong and replace your sideburns to where they belong.

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