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Needle-Free Anesthesia

A common concern for individuals who want to undergo a hair transplant is the pain they experience during hair transplant surgery. Modern developments in hair transplant techniques have paved the way for minimally invasive methods that decrease the experienced pain and discomfort during and after a hair transplant surgery in Istanbul. 

However, as minimal as it is, the experienced pain with hair transplant surgery is not eliminated — and some patients require further reduction in the pain. Here at HTI, Needle-Free Anesthesia is offered for hair transplant surgery. The stages of the surgery patients typically experience painful experiences are the extraction phase and channel opening (in the FUE method) or the direct implantation (in the DHI method).

Lead hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Cengiz Yaylaci and his team in Istanbul arrange everything from airport transfers to hotel accommodations and hotel-to-clinic transfers. HTI is Istanbul’s leading hair transplant clinic for Sapphire Hair Transplant — and is proving to be a popular choice for both male and female hair loss.

What is Needle-Free Anesthesia?

With Needle-Free Anesthesia at HTI — local anesthesia is applied with a specific tool without a needle at the tip. The hair transplant surgery is performed using a special device known as an implanter pen. With these two unique approaches, patients who have a fear of needles can undergo hair transplant surgery.

To further reduce any other associated pain, a special relief system can be used to inject anesthetic into the skin without injections. Using this advanced technology, HTI can numb the scalp before making injections.

Needle-Free Anesthesia is Not a Pain-free Anesthesia

During hair transplant surgery in Istanbul, patients should be fully aware that feeling pain in local anesthesia is the medicine itself and not the technique applied. For this reason, even if needle-free anesthesia reduces pain, it is not entirely painless.

How Does Needle-Free Anesthesia Work?

Anesthetic medications are administered into the tissue by applying them into the skin with high pressure from a device placed on the scalp’s skin. The medicine then diffuses into the tissue — blocking the pain-transmitting nerves. After the skin is numbed, the surgeon or medical team will infuse the anesthesia medication deeper into the skin, massaging into the scalp to spread the medication and make sure every spot on the scalp is covered.

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