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FUE Hair Transplant Istanbul

Now considered as the world capital for hair transplant surgery, Istanbul welcomes thousands of hair transplant candidates each year. Manual FUE Hair Transplant Istanbul is one of the most effective and advanced surgical methods for long-lasting hair restoration. Avoiding linear scarring, this method of hair transplant surgery much offers promising results and a short healing process.

Among the different techniques available, Manual FUE Hair Transplant Istanbul offers the best success rates for hair implants — for both male and female hair loss. Lead HTI surgeon, Dr. Cengiz Yaylaci, and his team in Istanbul arrange everything from airport transfers to hotel accommodations and hotel-to-clinic transfers. HTI is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. It’s a premium hair transplantation treatment center located in Istanbul specializes in hair, beard, moustache, and eyebrow transplantation

Understanding the Tool: Manual Punch

Manual FUE employs the use of a punch loaded into a handle and rotated, back and forth — between the thumb and forefinger, while being pressed into the scalp.A manual punch is a cylindrical tool with a sharp edge designed to perforate the skin during follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedures. This is the original form of FUE before machines were developed for such tasks. The manual punch allows for minimal friction during graft harvesting.

What is Manual FUE Hair Transplant?

Manual FUE Hair Transplant is the process of taking hair follicles — one by one — from a single area of the body and transplanting to another for the stimulation of new hair growth in areas thinning or balding. The method employs ONLY manual tools — small, handheld tools are used by the surgeon to carefully cut around each unit. Manual FUE Hair Transplant involves a surgical instrument called a manual punch to extract follicular units. Instead of using a micromotor tool that automatically makes round punches in the donor site for a follicular unit extraction, the surgeon performs the entire process manually.

Candidates of Manual FUE Hair Transplant

While there are several patients who would like to obtain miraculous results of the Manual FUE Hair Transplant Istanbul, not everyone is a prime candidate. Since achieving the best results is the highest priority, our objective is to utilize the existing hair as effectively and strategically as possible. When determining the necessary hair transplantation surgery and assessing the patient’s compatibility — surgeons consider the following as evaluative factors:

  • The number of grafts required to achieve the optimum results
  • The number of grafts which can be extracted from the donor area
  • Adequate density of the hair within the donor site
  • Having limited scalp elasticity, as it makes the small diameter punches the best option
  • Hair type of the patient, straight or slightly curled hair is preferable

Manual FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Unlike the extraction performed with a motorized micro-punch, the manual transplantation is done with a manual punch. The surgeon begins applying the anesthetic to the donor area, then proceeds with the extraction process. Your HTI surgeon will carefully extract the best grafts from your donor area, by using a manual punch. Once harvested, the grafts will be placed in a sterile solution — awaiting transplantation into the receiving area.

Typically, the surgeon will use a Sapphire blade to create small incisions on the recipient area that will receive the transplanted follicles. The preserved grafts will then be implanted into the micro-channels. The length of this procedure can vary depending on the number of grafts that need to be transplanted. Manual FUE Hair Transplant Istanbul typically takes between six and eight hours to complete.

Benefits of Manual FUE Hair Transplant

Manual FUE Hair Transplant is a complex, delicate procedure requiring immense skill, skill, accuracy, and artistry. Each graft must be meticulously prepared before it is transplanted into its new area. When performed by an experienced and knowledgeable surgeon, Manual FUE Hair Transplant can yield superbly natural results that are effortlessly incorporated into a patient’s existing hair growth patterns. Manual FUE Hair Transplant is perfect for patients who wish to achieve long-term hair replacement with virtually undetectable scars.

  • A manual hair transplant results to less trauma to the scalp, less scarring and smaller punches
  • A manual procedure can be successfully used to extract hair from the patient’s chest, beard, arms and legs too.
  • The surgeon can perform the surgery with their bare hands instead of dealing with a robotic method
  • A manual hair transplant is much easier to perform on women compared to men

When Do I Get a Full Hair Growth After Manual Hair Transplant?

Full hair growth takes place nearly 12 months after the hair transplant surgery for men — and for women it may take up to 18 months.

What Factors Can be Controlled with a Manual Hair Transplant?

The cutting, depth — and force used to turn the tool as per the surgeon’s skill can be modified easily. Since the tool used in Manual FUE Hair Transplant Istanbul comes extremely close to the scalp, the surgeon can sense the tissue to make necessary adjustments whenever required.

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