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Mesotherapy in Istanbul

Hair Loss Mesotherapy Istanbul involves superficial insertions of the substances to the scalp which stimulate growth and prevent hair from falling out (mainly anti-inflammatory medicines, vitamins, and nutritive substances). The medicines are selected on an individual basis, to meet the patient’s needs.

This method enables the components that nourish the hair follicles to settle in the hair easily. With this method, hair loss can be treated, as it thickens thinned hair, stops hair loss, and makes the hair stronger and shinier.

Candidates of Mesotherapy

Good candidates for mesotherapy should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations regarding the results that are possible to achieve. Patients should not expect to see immediate, significant results like what is possible with more invasive procedures and should understand that the best possible results will be achieved when the patient has small fat deposits and minimal body contour issues to correct. Because mesotherapy is a simple procedure that requires only minimal amounts of the injectable solution to be administered, most patients will find that they are likely to be good candidates for treatment.

Benefits of Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy is the direct injection of vitamins, minerals (Calcium, Iodine, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Iron, Potassium), agents related to the keratin layer of the skin, amino acids and surface expanders required for hair growth and development into the scalp. Mesotherapy Istanbul is very effective for the scalp and hair. It is considered one of the most popular applications in modern cosmetology in combating various hair loss conditions. Micro-injections help the application of special medications containing vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy hair and hair growth.

What Is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive method developed for pain relief in 1952 by the French doctor Michel Pistor. It is a treatment applied by injecting special mixtures containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids and some growth factors into the skin. It acts by stimulating cell regeneration where it is injected.

Over the years, it has become one of the necessary procedures in the field of medical aesthetics. Application areas include reducing fat tissue in certain areas, getting rid of cellulite, tightening the skin, reshaping the body, treating spots and scars, and most importantly — preventing hair loss.

Mesotherapy Before and After FUE Hair Transplantation

Mesotherapy before FUE hair transplantation is effective in protecting the existing hair, thickening the hair strands, having bright and shiny hair — and preventing hair loss. After Sapphire Hair Transplantation, mesotherapy accelerates angiogenesis (new vessel formation) and supplies the transplanted hair grafts with growth factors, stimulating them. It is an advantageous method to help recover hair in a as soon as possible after the shock loss. Thanks to the mineral and amino acids it contains, it positively affects the hair’s thickness and texture.

How is Mesotherapy Performed?

Mesotherapy is applied by making injections to the affected areas. Local anesthesia is used to the site of application before the injections. Your doctor determines the amount mixture for each injection, and only after that, mesotherapy injected under the skin.

Will I Feel Pain During the Mesotherapy Procedure?

Before the procedure, the patient is provided maximum comfort by applying a pain reliever and anesthetic cream to the skin.

What are the Side Effects of Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy has no severe side effects. Very rarely, itching due to oedema and allergic reactions can be seen

How Many Times Should a Person Have Mesotherapy After Sapphire Hair Transplantation?

It is beneficial to perform hair mesotherapy for 8-12 months in the number of sessions deemed appropriate by the physician, starting from the 1st month after the Sapphire Hair Transplantation procedure and one month apart, depending on the medications used in the procedure. Also, the frequency of application differs from person to person. When applied in the right clinic by experienced and professional physicians, successful results are obtained from the treatment.

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